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Our primary objective is to secure and retain highly skilled and competent staff members who possess actual and future potential to effectively and efficiently perform their duties and responsibilities in alignment with MURBS’ vision, mission, and strategic objectives.


Our recruitment process is conducted fairly and impartially, as we are an equal employment opportunity provider. Discrimination or favoritism of any kind, be it by gender, ethnicity, or religion, is strictly prohibited in our recruitment process.

Each application is meticulously reviewed, wherein we thoroughly evaluate qualifications, relevant experience, and adherence to job requirements. Only candidates who meet our criteria are selected for further consideration, including an invitation to participate in an interview. Throughout our selection process, we place utmost importance on merit, ensuring that we hire individuals solely based on their demonstrated abilities and qualifications. This approach guarantees that we recruit the most competent individuals for each position at MURBS.

Featured Opportunities

Featured Opportunities

Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Position of an Independent Trustee (RE-ADVERTISED)

MURBS is inviting Eligible Individuals to submit their Expression of Interest to join the MURBS Board of Trustees in the capacity of an Independent Trustee. Download the Terms of Reference and MURBS Fit and Proper Form for the appointment of the MURBS Independent Trustee.

Submit the EOI; Updated CV, and Academic Qualifications and Proof that one meets the Eligibility criteria, no later than 03:00 pm on 19 December 2023 addressed to;

The Chairperson, Board of Trustees
Makerere University Retirement Benefits Scheme
P.O. Box 7827, Kampala
Lincoln Flats B4, Makerere University
Tel: +256 (414) 531472

Send an Email to: info@murbs.mak.ac.ug and cc. murbs.trustees@gmail.com